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  Basic Electronics Trainers
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  Digital Electronics Trainers
  Power Electronics Trainers
  Operational Amplifier Op-Amp   Trainers
  Network Analysis Trainers
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  Excitation Control Systems
  Torque Motor Controller
  Power Supplies AC / DC
  Digital Meters
  Transformers: CT/PT
  Decade Resistor Box
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           Incepted in the year 2007, Satya Edu Tronics under the able guidance of  Mr.Shailendrasinh V. Jadeja is gradually progressing in the field of manufacturing of quality electrical / electronic educational training kits and excitation control systems for different type / rating of alternators. In addition, we also provide effective consultancy services with regards to the above mentioned range.

3d十个和值尾振幅走势the main focus behind laying the foundation of this organization is to offer various students with training kits with which they can perform various experiments without facing any problem. our range also vouches a guarantee to uplift the teaching as well as the learning process and gain utmost satisfaction of the clients. being economical, rugged construction and easy in operation, our educational kits have become an item of credibility among our clients.  

Satya Edu Tronics is Quality Manufacturer and Supplier for Basic Electronics Trainers, Analog Electronics Trainers, Digital Electronics Trainers, Power Electronics Trainers, Operational Amplifier Trainers, Network Analysis Trainers, Load Trolley, Excitation Control Systems, Torque Motor Controller, Power Supplies, Digital Meters, Transformers, Decade Resistor Box etc..

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